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Chairman Position Vacant
Deputy Chairman  Keith Lee
Committee Members Gillian Chiverton, Peter Davis, Adrian Friend, Bob Frost, Pat Heath, Janet Lee
District Councillors Cllr Trevor Bond, Cllr Bob Frost, Cllr Adrian Friend, Cllr Pat Heath, Cllr Paul Le Chevalier, Cllr Derek Murphy
Representatives to  Executive Council Keith Lee, Derek Murphy



Chairman Pauline Beresford
Deputy Chairman - Fundraising  Andy Calder
Deputy Chairman - Political & Campaigning Callum Warriner
Branch Secretary Brian Rowland
Committee Members Lesley-Ann Burke, Nigel Collor, Ann Jenner, John Morgan, Roger Walkden, John Ward
District Councillor Cllr Nigel Collor (Castle Ward), Cllr Pauline Beresford (River)
Representatives to  Executive Council Nigel Collor, Ann Jenner



President Lord Freud
Chairman Clodagh Clogg
Deputy Chairman Lyn Ousey
Secretary Jac Dunay
Committee Members Liz Densham, Liz Godderidge, George Mathison,  Andrew Jefferson
District Councillors Cllr Steve Manion, Cllr Nick Kenton
Representatives to  Executive Council Clodagh Clogg, Lyn Ousey

Dover & Deal Conservative Association, 54 The Strand, Walmer, Deal, Kent   CT14 7DP
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