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Charlie Elphicke is the Member of Parliament for Dover and Deal. Charlie has a record of working hard so that our corner of Kent gets its fair share of funding and resources from Westminster. His top priority is for the people of Dover and Deal to be better off and to get more jobs and money to the area.

Charlie lives at the heart of the constituency on the seafront. Charlie enjoys meeting people in the constituency at community days and public meetings. Charlie's father used to live at Bossington, near Aylesham, before he passed away and his family have lived in Kent and Sussex for the past 50 years

Like Dover's much-loved former Conservative MP, the late Peter Rees, Charlie was a tax lawyer. This means he knows a lot about our laws and about taxes and he thinks we should have fewer of both! When he was MP, Charlie is fought hard to make Dover a people's port, more accountable to local people. He believes in the principle that governments should let local communities have a bigger say on their futures.

Charlie also previously worked in pharmaceutical research and ran an award-winning small business. He understands the pressures on small and local businesses and how cutting taxes and red tape can really help firms provide more jobs and investment to the local area. Charlie was delighted to see Deal High Street get the recognition it deserves and win High Street of the Year in 2013. He is keen to promote our high streets and local business whenever he can.

A research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies and expert on tax and pensions, Charlie is concerned by the impact of high taxes on families and particularly the least well-off. He is passionate about cutting family bills and letting people keep more of their hard-earned money.  Most of all, Charlie cares about serving our community and the nation. Dover was known as the 'Jewel in the Crown' of the nation and Charlie is working to ensure that the area becomes all it can be and reclaims this title.

His political hero is Abraham Lincoln and his view of public life is summed up by Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth". Politicians must serve the interests of local people above all and always remember who their real masters are. If they don't do this, the public very rapidly lose trust in politicians and the Government.  That is why Charlie believes in honest expenses.  He believes that public representatives must always be fair and transparent when claiming expenses from hard-working taxpayers.

Charlie answers every letter or email so please get in touch with him with any problems, suggestions or queries. It's really easy, just email Charlie at charlie@elphicke.com or wrote to him at 54 The Strand, Walmer, Deal CT14 7DP.

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