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Welfare revolution boosting security and stability for all

Getting more people into work, making work pay and ending the benefits culture will be one of the most important legacies of this Government. More jobs and money locally and nationally is my passion.

So when I was asked last week to serve as the Ministerial aide to Welfare Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, I had no hesitation in accepting. I will be working with Iain to help more people find work and give more people the chance of the stability and security that a job provides.

In past times, many people were thrown onto the scrapheap of long-term sickness and out-of-work benefits. Little help was provided to find a job or see what skills they might have to get back into work. Too often excuses were made about what people couldn't do, rather than what they could do. This was wrong, heartless and uncaring. That's why I support the Welfare Secretary's mission to provide more help and tailored support to the unemployed. To help them every step of the way.

And these policies are already bearing fruit. There are 1.8 million more people in work since 2010. The number of people unemployed has fallen by over 370,000 in the same period. In Dover and Deal, the picture is even more encouraging. Local unemployment has fallen an astonishing 22.5% in the last 12 months. Even better, youth unemployment in Dover and Deal has plummeted by 31.6%. Visiting the local Natwest last week, I heard how the economy is recovering. People are finding more work.

We also had a real problem with households where no-one had ever worked. A life trapped on benefits was the norm for too many and people could not see light at the end of the tunnel. That's why I really welcome the fact that there are now 290,000 fewer children living in workless households and long-term unemployment is down by 48,000 since 2010. Helping to boost aspiration and get people back to work is something of a quest for me.

It is also something people in Dover and Deal care about too. People who work hard and pay their taxes want their money targeted at the most vulnerable. Helping people to find work who have fallen on hard times. Getting more skills to succeed in life. This is what is now happening. Jobseekers now have to attend regular interviews and training, or do work experience to instil a sense of work ethic and get into employment. There are also tighter controls on recent migrants having access to our benefits system.

More jobs and money is my priority for Dover and Deal. I strongly believe in the sort of future we can make in our corner of Kent. A future where even more people have a crack at life and the opportunity to get on and do really well. That's why when I was offered this role, I simply could not refuse.

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